Italian journalist Fabio Ravezzani believes that Inter assistant coach Mario Cecchi did not make any kind of deliberate kick on Juventus coach Max Allegri during the Coppa Italia final on Wednesday.

Reviewing the incident on his Twitter account, Ravezzani gave the view that the contact between the two men during the controversial incident was purely accidental and that there had been no deliberate movement by Cecchi.

Allegri was visibly irate after what appeared to be a coming-together between himself and Cecchi, feeling that he had been physically kicked by the Nerazzurri staff member.

Mirroring the physical and intense clash that was taking place on the pitch, things even got very intense on the sidelines, resulting in the flash-point incident.

In the view of Ravezzani, however, there was no real intent on the part of the Inter staff member, and no reason for the incident to linger as a controversy.

“On the turmoil after the 4-2 Inter win,” he writes, “the images show Mario Cecchi (staff member for Inzaghi), who involuntarily stumbles on Allegri’s foot as he returns to the bench.”

“He apologizes immediately,” the journalist adds, “but the coach freaks out. Then he suggests that it was a footballer who hit him.”