AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli isn’t interested in whether Inter win their remaining two Serie A matches against Cagliari and Sampdoria, and is focused on his own team’s matches.

Speaking in a press conference ahead of this evening’s clash between the Rossoneri and Atalanta, as reported by L’Interista, Pioli emphasized that he is not preoccupied with how the Nerazzurri fare in their matches.

Inter are in a situation where they have to be aware of how their city rivals perform, as the Rossoneri have a two-point advantage in the table and the head-to-head advantage, so the Nerazzurri must hope that they drop at least three points.

Meanwhile, the Rossoneri can feel that if they take at least four points out of six, they do not need to be worried about what happens in Inter’s matches.

Their coach emphasized that their focus is only on their own matches, as they only care about getting the results that they need and not about being done a favour by either Cagliari or Sampdoria.

“I don’t know if Inter can win their last two matches and I don’t care,” he said. “I don’t think about Inter. We’re just focused on oursleves, we don’t need any other motivation because we’re already giving absolutely everything.”