Former AC Milan midfielder Demetrio Albertini feels that Inter have the advantage over AC Milan in terms of talent, but that the Rossoneri have gotten to the top of the Serie A table by being decisive in high-pressure moments throughout the season.

Speaking to Rome-based newspaper La Repubblica in an interview published in today’s print edition, Albertini gave the view that the Rossoneri have gotten the better of the turning points of the season even if they do not necessarily have the superior quality.

Inter have not yet given up hope in the Scudetto chase, but they will have to hope that there is one more dramatic turning point in the season, as they need for Sassuolo to get an upset win over the Rossoneri in order to have any hope of winning the title.

This is hardly unthinkable, but as Albertini points out, so far it has been Milan who have gotten the better of the balance of decisive moments.

“Sport shows us that everything is possible, but I would be amazed if they wasted the opportunity,” he said of Milan’s chances. “Especially because they to be in this situation.”

He went on that “It’s not just a cliche to say that there are no matches to take for granted, no one ever likes to lose. It will depend a lot on how the teams dictate the game early, so doubt doesn’t start to creep in.”

Of the Nerazzurri, he said that “They have played well and may be slightly more talented than Milan, but the difference is just two points. Sometimes it’s a question of moments of pressure, of how you deal with them when they happen.”