Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso believes that Suning’s ownership of Inter is no longer viable and that another company will take control soon.

Speaking live from the US, reported by FCInter1908, Commisso gave the view that the current Nerazzurri owners will have to give up control within six months due to not being able to operate the club any more.

Suning have been linked with a sale of Inter regularly over the past several months, though the indications from the Chinese company have always been that they intend to stay on and feel that their project is sustainable and has a future.

Commisso does not share this view, however, with the Viola owner frank in his assessment that Suning cannot support Inter.

His words come as the Nerazzurri head into another transfer window with the current owners at the helm, and a period which could prove to be a significant test of their control of the club.

“Suning has lost control of their club,” Commisso said, “the Zhang family have lost control. They’ve accumulated a lot of debt and there’s another company that will decide whether to take control of the club within six months,” likely referring to Oaktree Capital who the club are in debt to.