Romelu Lukaku will try and convince Chelsea on a loan move to Inter this summer on the basis that it would be the best way of increasing his value after an unsuccessful first season with the Blues.

This according to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, who report that the Belgian believes that he can successfully argue to his current club that a return to the Nerazzurri this summer would make sense for them from a financial perspective.

Chelsea invested heavily to bring Lukaku to Stamford Bridge last summer, and so allowing him to leave and join the same club that they bought on him could be a tough pill for the Premier League team to swallow.

However, another season similar to the one just gone could see the striker’s value diminish even further than it already has, something that they will not be keen to see happen.

Accordingly, the 29-year-old will argue that if he can make his desired return to Inter, then there is a better chance of him recovering his best form on the pitch so that his value will rise again and they can recoup some of their investment one way or the other.