Sesto San Giovanni Mayor Roberto Di Stefano believes that his area would be well-equipped as the site for a new stadium of Inter and AC Milan and that construction could be started within eighteen months.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview published in today’s print edition, Di Stefano emphasized that there would be few holdups and that construction would be completed in a timely fashion were the clubs to choose Sesto.

Sesto has always looked to be one of the likeliest backup plans for the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri in their search for a site in which to build a new stadium to replace the San Siro.

So far, the clubs have not been pushed to abandon plans of building within the city of Milan, but bureaucratic delays have already forced the clubs to lengthen their timelines and could do so further.

Di Stefano believes that if the clubs are to finally become fed up, there will be no problems should they change their plans to building in Sesto.

“Just in case, we would be ready right away here,” he said.

“The area is privately owned and its owner would agree on a sale,” he continued, “the municipal administration agrees. In other words, only the green light from the clubs would be needed.”

He argued that the clubs should consider Sesto “Because there are no critical issues. Because the costs would be lower. Because the first stone could be laid within eighteen months, while at San Siro I don’t know.”

Di Stefano elaborated that “These are areas that have already been demolished and almost completely reclaimed. Furthermore, since it’s a privately owned area, there would be no need for public debate.”

“I would not neglect the timeline,” he continued, “when financial backing is involved, this is an indispensable aspect of capital returns.”

“Around the stadium there would be 24 hectares of park as defined in the urban plan,” he went on.

As far as square footage for the area, he noted that they could make available “About 130 thousand square meters. That’s one tenth of the area we are redeveloping.”