Inter Primavera coach Christian Chivu has said that he was not surprised that his team won the Scudetto this season, according to a report in the Italian print media today.

Speaking during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Christian Chivu explained how he had the utmost confidence in his team to win the league when they faced AS Roma this week.

“I am not surprised by the result, simply because I knew this group of extraordinary guys perfectly: I knew their value and what they could do. And in the end we did a great feat, we are happy.”

Christian Chivu has been working with this set of players since they were U17s and that was clearly part of their success this season.

“We’ve all been working together for two years now, between ups and downs, between breaks forced by Covid and other difficulties.

“But in the long run we have managed to bring home what is the goal of anyone who wears the Inter shirt. Because when you coach or play for Inter, you always have to aim for the maximum and therefore for victory.”

Inter were 3-0 down to Cagliari at half time in the semi-final but they responded and scored three goals at the end of the game, enough to force a 3-3 draw which sent them to the final by virtue of their superior league position to Cagliari.

He feels that the players embraced the challenge, saying: “When you choose to do something different in life, you embrace the challenge with all of yourself and first you have to think about getting out of the comfort zone to challenge yourself. Then the sky has no limits, so why do we have to set them for ourselves?”

When asked what kind of a coach he is, Christian Chivu said: “I believe that a youth coach must take great care of the individual growth of each player. Only by growing individually can you then grow as a team.”