Football scout and former sporting director Carlo Jacomuzzi thinks that Inter youngster Cesare Casadei has the potential to be a top player in the future, according to a report in the Italian print media today.

Speaking during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Carlo Jacomuzzi spoke glowingly about both Inter’s Cesare Casadei and Miretti at Juventus who has broken into the first team.

“Juventus’ Miretti has all the makings of a real player. And Inter’s Casadei also has the potential to be a top player.”

Cesare Casadei has had an excellent season in the Primavera side, scoring 14 goals from the midfield in the regular season. He is now being linked with a move to Sassuolo and Inter must decide what their plans are for him.

Showing Carlo Jacomuzzi’s scouting credentials, he also mentioned that the best player he ever spotted was Sergio Aguero who went on to win many Premier League titles with Manchester City.

“Aguero. I was in Argentina, working for Chelsea and he was 16. I pointed him out, they worked on him, but because of the law on non-EU nationals that was in place at the time nothing was done about it.”

When asked what the secret is behind discovering talented players, he said it’s all about watching a lot of matches.

“Going around, seeing match after match. Technology helps, no doubt about it, but a player must be seen inside a stadium: how he moves, what character he has, how he uses his feet.

“A few years ago I was away for months, travelling the world: I must have seen hundreds of matches.”