Torino defender Bremer remains set on joining Inter this summer, and the Nerazzurri could offer Andrea Pinamonti as part of a deal to sign him.

This according to SportItalia transfer market expert Alfredo Pedulla, who reports on his homepage that the 25-year-old has not changed his mind and is still determined to join Inter during the summer transfer window.

Bremer has been identified as one of the Nerazzurri’s priority targets for the summer for some time, and they have long had an informal agreement with the player on a move.

Convincing Torino could still prove to be tricky, and the Granata also extended the Brazilian’s contract in the spring in order to have more leverage in negotiations, but Inter will push for the move.

The inclusion of Pinamonti could be enough to persuade the Granata on a deal according to Pedulla, while the player’s desire to join Inter could also be key.

“Bremer has chosen Inter,” he writes. “He hasn’t changed his mind, we aren’t changing anything on what we’ve been anticipating since December, and on May 26 we added that his decision is final.”

“Of course, the signature matters,” he continues, “the demands of Cairo and Torino are important, but the path has been laid at this point.”

“We confirm the possibility of a player going the other way,” he adds, “the possible name remains that of Andrea Pinamonti, even more so in the case that Belotti leaves.”