AC Milan President Paolo Scaroni has issued an update on the situation of the Rossoneri’s plan along with Inter to build a new stadium in Milan.

Speaking to the print edition of Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera yesterday, as reported by FCInter1908, Scaroni explained that the two clubs’ plan is still together to move forward together to replace the San Siro, but gave clear indications of what the timeline needs to be.

Construction of a new stadium in Milan continues to be held up by bureaucratic delays, although with the public debate set to begin soon a major obstacle could be gotten out of the way.

Scaroni explained that while the clubs always expected that there would be bureaucratic formalities to get out of the way, they have been surprised by the extent of the delays and that they could grow impatient given the importance of the project to them.

“We’ve been pursuing the San Siro project for years, it’s always been our first choice,” he said. “We’ve pursued it stubbornly, investing a lot of money.”

“We’re aware that a project of this size and in this area of ​​the city requires an authorization process that has particular timelines and methods,” he continued, “some of which we did not imagine, or we thought could be overcome, however it is clear that if there are rules they must be followed. We’re not surprised.”

Scaroni continued that “There’s great urgency for us to have a stadium suited to our ambitions, and so the project which can be the most feasible will be the one that attracts us the most.”

“I speak only for Milan at the moment,” he added, “we’ve won the Scudetto, settled the accounts, we’re on the right path but the stadium will be a fundamental part of this.”

He explained that “We and Inter are continuing with that project and our team has just met the coordinator. We hope to conclude the public debate, then there are the appeals to the TAR – hopefully by the end of the year all of this will be concluded.”