Inter striker Lautaro Martinez’s agent believes that there is no reason why the 24-year-old would want to leave the Nerazzurri this summer.

Speaking to Italian news outlet FCInterNews, Martinez’s agent Alejandro Camano updated on the Argentine’s situation and explained that the player believes that the Nerazzurri represent his long-terms future.

Martinez is among the big name players linked with a sale from Inter this summer, with no shortage of interest in the 24-year-old from top European clubs.

However, on the player’s part, he has always given that he is happy to stay at Inter, especially after signing a contract extension until the end of June 2026 to commit his future to the club.

Camano confirmed that this still represents the striker’s view, and that while things can always change in football, right now he and Martinez are only thinking about staying at Inter for next season, where he is happy.

“Right now Lauti is in the middle of a very good year,” he said. “From a footballing point of view, but also in terms of his personal life, which is very stable.”

“We feel affection from the people of Milan, he also started a project [a restaurant in Milan] with [his wife] Augustina,” Camano further explained.

He said that “Of course, his profession as a footballer is what matters most, but to date I have no reason to think there’s even a chance that he’ll leave Inter.”

“Nobody has told us anything of the sort,” the agent stated, “the truth is that a player who scores as many goals as he does in a tough league like the Italian top flight doesn’t go unnoticed, but there are still four years left on his contract.”

“He’s fine,” Camano said of the striker, “he’s happy, he enjoys being with the team, the club, his teammates. There are no reasons to leave.”

“We know what professional football is like,” he added, “today I’m affirming this and tomorrow everything can change. But today the situation is as I’ve just described it.”

Of Martinez’s mindset, Camano said that “Lautaro is Argentine. Emotionally he’s someone who get attached to his club. He comes from a highly emotional team in the form of Racing, where the players turn into fans of the team when they wear the shirt.”

“He’s also had the good fortune of having this happen with Inter,” he continued. “Lautaro faces the pressure, aims to reach big goals.”

“He loves the values of Interismo,” the agent added of Martinez, “I don’t know what will happen in the future because this is professional football. But for Lautaro, playing for Inter is something special, as is the case for many other players who’d like to join the Nerazzurri.”

He was clear that “Lautaro isn’t thinking of any hypothetical future destination, but of next season, where he wants to try to win everything he can with Inter.”

Of the relationship with Inter, Camano said that “When we sat down to discuss his contract extension, he wasn’t thinking about an upcoming sale.”

“Rather he was thinking of scoring next goal, his next match, Serie A, the Champions League,” the agent said. “It is not a contract designed to facilitate a sale from Inter, but rather so that he can keep being happy at Inter.”