Inter Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello expects that it is no longer a guarantee that the Nerazzurri and AC Milan will decide to build their new stadium in the San Siro area.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia, Antonello admitted that the clubs are now prioritizing a speedy start to construction on the new stadium, even if it means that they have to look elsewhere to get final approval.

The Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri have been pushing forward with plans to build their new stadium in the San Siro area, although the bureaucratic delays involved have meant that they have increasingly considered other options.

Now, the teams will see how quickly the public debate phase can be concluded so that they can start on construction of the new stadium which they consider vital to modernize their infrastructure and increase revenues.

However, if the delays prove to be too much, Antonello does not rule out alternatives.

“We’re working with our consultants to prepare the dossiers to be presented to the Municipality,” he explained regarding the imminent public debate.

“On the other hand, it’s true that we’ve said that it’s no longer just San Siro that we’re thinking about exclusively,” he added, “we need to hurry up so that we can have a new stadiums for the Milan clubs as soon as possible.”