Chelsea are open to letting striker Romelu Lukakure- join Inter on a paid loan deal worth around €10 million, but the Nerazzurri are hoping for a loan fee of €5-6 million.

This according to Italian news outlet FCInterNews, who report that the Blues would seriously consider allowing the Belgian to return to the Nerazzurri on loan so long as they pay a loan fee and the player’s wages.

Lukaku has been pushing his club to allow him to return to Inter, and they are increasingly willing to make a deal with the Nerazzurri, having already opened up to the possibility of a paid loan and now ready to accept a loan fee of €10 million.

This is still more than the Nerazzurri are currently offering, as they prefer a fee around €5-6 million, but it would not be out of reach for them.

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel would like to see the striker leave and the Premier League side would be keen to get his €25 million gross wages for the season off their books, and so their stance is softening to the point where a deal would be well within the realm of possibility.