Italian journalist Alfredo Pedulla has said that Inter are working hard to give Simone Inzaghi an ‘atomic attack’ of Lautaro Martinez along with Romelu Lukaku and Paulo Dybala, accoridng to a report in the Italian media.

Whilst writing on his website, the market expert who reports for both La Gazzetta dello Sport and Sportitalia explained that Inter are working on the deals for both strikers actively as they want to back their coach.

“Inter are working hard to close both operations and to deliver Simone Inzaghi an atomic attack.”

He did also add that people should also be cautious as transfer deals have a lot of steps to complete before they can be considered finished.

“Let’s wait for the signatures, the details, the updates, let’s put the caution that is always needed, but this is the main road.”

If they do manage to get both of the deals over the line soon, they will then have to resist the bids from other European clubs for Lautaro Martinez. They will also need to decide what to do with Joaquin Correa and Edin Dzeko this summer.

“Of course, resisting the assaults that will predictably come for Lautaro (Tottenham in the lead) would be the best. Today, this is Inter’s position. And we should clearly evaluate the positions of Correa (who wants to stay) and Dzeko.”