Italian journalist Mario Sconcerti has spoken glowingly about Inter’s plans to have Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez and Paulo Dybala all in the same team, according to a report in the Italian media.

Writing in his column for Corriere della Sera, the journalist explained that he has never seen a transfer plan quite like it and he described the moves made by Inter CEO Beppe Marotta and sporting director Piero Ausilio as ‘refined’.

“The transfers are brilliant, I don’t remember something so refined and economical. Lukaku brought back in full just a year ago the amount Inter need every season to keep their noses above water. Now he comes back at a bargain price.

“Dybala is one of the very few safe class players in Europe right now. Getting the three strikers together, however, is the beginning of the work, not the conclusion. Inserting Dybala overturns Inzaghi’s classic Inter and also Conte’s former one.

“The 3-5-2 needs a regista, two inside and two outside full-backs. This will no longer be possible, Inter will have to be reinvented. There are many ideas on how to do this but also enough unknowns.”

The journalist also examined tactically how these three forwards will be able to operate together in the same team. He said that Romelu Lukaku will have to drop deep initially to receive the ball from the midfield. That will trigger movement from the other two forwards, primarily Lautaro Martinez.

“It will be useful to pay a lot of attention to Lukaku’s role. He has to start in midfield, be the first to receive the ball from Brozovic. This will also keep the defence more closed, not forcing them to move forward too much to start the action again.

“Lukaku will cover many of Dybala’s dynamic gaps and also part of his space. The centre forward will remain Lautaro. I don’t expect a lot of movement from Dybala. Any player is useful on the pitch if he engages an opposing player.

“Dybala will always have his on him. This will leave the territory for Lukaku, who will be followed to the middle of the pitch by a central defender, disrupting the others’ defence. It’s not easy, but Inter seem to be growing as a beautiful idea.”

The deals for the two forwards not yet at the club are thought to be close to completion but Romelu Lukaku is certainly the priority.