The agent of Inter goalkeeper Andrei Radu has said that he has not agreed on terms with Cremonese for a loan deal, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media.

Speaking during an interview Sky Sport on the Calciomercato L’Originale show, via FCInternews, Oscar Damiani shed some light on the transfer situation regarding the Romanian goalkeeper.

It has been clear for some time that Andrei Radu will be leaving Inter this summer in a quest for more regular first-team football. Cremonese are linked with his the most but Oscar Damiani says that it is not a done deal yet.

“I can assure you that he has many really important requests. It may be that he will go to Cremonese, he has not yet reached an agreement, tomorrow or in the next few days there will be a meeting between the players, the coach and the club. 

“Reims makes golden bridges to get him, so the boy is esteemed and considered. He made a mistake, but everyone makes mistakes, so there is no problem with that.”

Unfortunately for the goalkeeper, the defining moment of his season was the bad mistake away at Bologna which led the Nerazzurri to lose, very close to the end of the season.

Oscar Damiani does not think that all the blame should be laid at the door of Andrei Radu.

“It’s too easy to always blame the goalkeeper. Today I met De Sanctis who told me: ‘Radu’s faults are relative compared to those of the defenders’. Perisic took a throw-in to De Vrij who instead of controlling it, let it pass and said: ‘Arrangiati’. 

“Too convenient. Radu did wrong and no one wants to deny that, but there are responsibilities that no journalist has ever said. I haven’t read this kind of talk and it’s not good. Radu has made a mistake, but he has also done many good things.

“He is a great goalkeeper and will have an extraordinary career. Inter lost the Scudetto by two points, with one more point nothing would have changed, but it’s obvious that Radu was sick that day and he was sorry. 

“But he is a boy of character, he reacted and will redeem himself next year. I think the words of Inzaghi, whom I respect very much, were important.”