Inter CEO Beppe Marotta has said that Inter dominated for 70 minutes in the reverse derby and they did not expect to beat Juventus in the Supercoppa Italiana final, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media.

Speaking during a special program made by DAZN, via FCInternews, Beppe Marotta was reflecting on the season that ended with two trophies but an unsuccessful defence of the Serie A title.

Many have highlighted the key moment in the title race as the game against AC Milan in which Olivier Giroud scored two late goals to give the Rossoneri a 2-1 win. They barely looked back after that game.

Beppe Marotta feels that Inter dominated the majority of that game and it badly affected their form afterwards.

“The game with Milan was the most fascinating element of this season. For 70 minutes, in the opinion of even the most severe critics, we had shown that we were the winners of this match. In seven games we only scored seven points and this was the crude analysis of a period that then affected the title race.”

Another key moment was losing to Bologna thanks to Andrei Radu’s mistake in goal, but the CEO played down the incident.

“You can also slip on a banana peel. It happens. Dramatic elements from our point of view.”

Inter beat Juventus in the Supercoppa Italiana final but Beppe Marotta says they did not expect to win.

“We didn’t expect to beat Juve, we overcame them with merit and put a trophy on top of those already won. It was a very balanced championship, exciting.”