The current mayor of Sesto San Giovanni has said that Inter and AC Milan’s new stadium will be built there if he is re-elected, according to a report in the Italian print media today.

Speaking during an interview with Libero, Roberto Di Stefano was very clear that if he wins the upcoming election, the stadium will be built in Sesto San Giovanni.

If he is defeated, the other side have already said that they will not have the stadium in Sesto San Giovanni which would give more power to Milan mayor Beppe Sala.

“The negotiations are very serious. If I win it will go ahead. If the left wins, on the other hand, it has already said no, also because in this way it would allow Sala to continue with Inter and Milan.”

When asked whether his desire for the stadium to be taken away from San Siro is a way of disrespecting Beppe Sala, he said: “Not at all. Look, I think about Sesto San Giovanni, its development, it’s future.”

He went on to explain all of the potential benefits, primarily relating to jobs, that can come with having Inter and AC Milan build their new stadium in the Sesto San Giovanni area of Milan.

“The stadium, for the way Norman Foster-designed it and for what will revolve around it – including a museum and commercial activities – is capable of creating 10,000 jobs.

“That is why the stadium project in Sesto is serious. We already have the plans for the new road system ready and I have asked the Region to convene a table to extend the metro-tramway.”