Legendary former Inter striker Alessandro Altobelli believes that Romelu Lukaku must work to earn the respect of Nerazzurri fans on the pitch again.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview published in today’s print edition, Altobelli gave his thoughts on the Belgian’s imminent return, and agreed with the Curva Nord’s statement that they expect him to start from zero and prove himself once again.

Lukaku’s return on loan from Chelsea just one season after making a big money move away is generating no shortage of excitement, and the 29-year-old’s commitment to the Nerazzurri can hardly be called into question after he’s pushed for the move, even on much lower wages than he would earn in the Premier League.

However, the Curva Nord have not immediately welcomed him back as the same player he was when he left, and made clear that they expect to see him regain their trust and respect with his performances.

Altobelli stated of Lukaku that “He’s a top player. He and Lautaro are a perfect partnership, they proved it in the recent past. He didn’t look like the real Lukaku at Chelsea, he’ll find himself again in Milan.”

“But I agree with Curva Nord,” he continued, “there’s no argument with him, but he will be treated like any other player. He must be supported like any other player in a Nerazzurri shirt, but the trust will have to be regained on the pitch.”