Italian journalist Matteo Marani believes that Inter coach Simone Inzaghi could change the way that the Nerazzurri play now that he has Romelu Lukaku at his disposal.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia, Mariani gave the view that the coach will likely be inclined to have a tactical rethink to get the best out of the Belgian once he arrives.

Inter changed their style of play quite markedly last season, Inzaghi’s first following two successful campaigns under Antonio Conte.

Conte set the Nerazzurri up to play through Lukaku in attack, and his approach was aimed at working the ball to the Belgian’s feet so that he could attack space behind defensive lines, whereas Inzaghi made the team more possession-focused and played with a higher defensive line.

In his first season in charge, the former Lazio boss did not have Lukaku at his disposal as his predecessor did, but now that the Belgian is making his return, things could change to be built around his skillset more once again.

“In the Italian league, Lukaku shifts the balance ,” Marani said. “He was the man who brought the Scudetto to Inter, at Chelsea he plays in a different way and hasn’t had the same impact.”

He went on that :Inzaghi plays in a different way than Conte, and perhaps the Nerazzurri coach will have to change something, try to find the right spaces for the Belgian who is devastating when he has space to run into.”