Inter must make a net profit of €60 million in the transfer market by the end of June 2023 rather than by the end of the current summer transfer window.

This according to Italian news outlet FCInter1908, who report that the goal for a net profit must be realized by that point rather than by the end of September, potentially giving the club some wiggle room in meeting it.

The €60 million figure that the Nerazzurri are hoping to achieve as a net profit this summer has been widely reported already, with owners Suning having set that goal in order to make up for budgetary losses.

It has been assumed that a major sale would be necessary during the current summer transfer window, on the basis that it would be very difficult to bring in such a larger net profit otherwise.

However, the situation could be a little different insofar as the actual deadline is at the end of June 2023 rather than at the end of September of this year.