Italian Journalist Marco Bellinazzo has said that Suning committing to self-financing would condemn Inter to gradually decline on the pitch, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Nerazzurra, via FCInternews, the Il Sole 24 Ore journalist spoke damningly about what Suning’s ownership could do to Inter in the future.

He started by explaining that the existence of the Oaktree loan means that there is essentially a safety net for Inter as they take ownership if Suning were to go bust.

“It’s a clear deadline, the club’s insurance policy. In the last two seasons, once the taps have been closed, Inter has managed a situation that is not easy from an economic point of view.”

He then explained that Suning’s commitment to finance the club without injecting cash can only continue for two more seasons because they will then need to start making some serious money to pay back loans.

“We have to be lucid in evaluating all the Chinese management, which has put more than 600 million into the club. However, it must be said that the mantra of self-financing can stand for two seasons, not more. The accounts have to be paid from this point of view.”

If Suning need to raise money immediately, they will have to start selling Inter’s best players and replacing them with much cheaper ones which will put Inter into sporting decline.

“In a year and a half, Suning will have to make a vital decision for Inter because continuing with self-financing would mean condemning the club to progressive decline. 

“The ballast of debts and the failure to inject capital makes things prohibitive even for a management that has been doing well in recent years.”