Premier League side Chelsea are ready to raise their offer for Inter midfielder Cesare Casadei to €15 million which Inter may accept, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media. 

As has been reported by Sport Mediaset today, via FCInter1908, the Premier League are set to launch their third bid for the Primavera star and it is one that the Nerazzurri could accept. 

They have previously made bids of €8 million and €10 million but it is known that Inter want to receive €20 million. Despite that, it is also believed that they would accept an offer of €15 million if it were to arrive. 

It is not 100% certain that Inter will accept this bid if it arrives, but there is a good chance they will as they seek to get as close as possible to the target of €60 million in profit from the summer transfer window. They will still be some way off of that target.