Former Torino defender Massimo Brambati has said that Simone Inzaghi should have done some self-criticism following the previous campaign, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media. 

Speaking during an interview on TMW Radio, via FCInter1908, Massimo Brambati explained that he thought Inter had the tools to win the Scudetto last season so that is why Simone Inzaghi should have criticised himself for failing to deliver the title.

“I believe that last year Inter were the most credited to win the Scudetto, so Inzaghi should have done some self-criticism.

“If Inter are favourites this year, it means that last season’s winner was not so high level. The Coppa Italia and the Italian Super Cup cannot be enough, also considering that Juventus has been missing in recent years.”

He seems to think that out of Inter and Juventus, it is the latter that will be able to win the title this season but he is not necessarily so convinced that they are going to be a brilliant team this season.

“Allegri with already broken players at his disposal is able to bring something home. However, I wonder if the squad, even considering the possible arrivals of Paredes and Depay, is complete in terms of the number and readiness of the players to face the project.

“I don’t consider last year’s Juventus to be his Juventus, not least because he lost Ronaldo at the start of the season. This year I want to understand, also possibly from him, if it will actually be his Juventus.”

The Bianconeri look like they will be adding Memphis Depay to their ranks and they added Filip Kostic this week who has been linked with Inter a lot in the past.