Former Inter and Juventus midfielder and former Nerazzurri coach Marco Tardelli believes that Beppe Marotta leaving Juventus to become Inter CEO was an important shift in the balance of power in Italian football.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster TMW Radio, Tardelli named Marotta as a key man whose departure from the Bianconeri is not something that the Turin-based giants have yet fully recovered from.

Marotta had been a key figure in bringing Juventus an unprecedented nine consecutive Serie A titles, although only two of them came after his departure, with the Nerazzurri unseating the Bianconeri with Marotta not uncoincidentally pulling the strings.

The exeuctive had been the mastermind behind the Bianconeri’s transfer strategy for some time, and now that is his role for the Nerazzurri.

For Tardelli, the lack of Marotta’s influence is still felt by Juventus, who have not really been able to find their identity without him.

“Losing Beppe Marotta has been fundamentally important,” he argued, “he is a very shrewd operator. I never really understood the issues that led him to leave.”