Former Roma, Torino, and Fiorentina striker Ciccio Graziani believes that Inter remain the strongest team in Serie A.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, Graziani argued that the Nerazzurri’s squad remains the best in the Italian top flight, and also suggested that the heavy challenge by Lecce defender Baschirotto on Inter striker Lautaro Martinez could have seriously injured the Argentine.

All of Serie A’s top teams have gotten off to a good start with three points from their opening match and none have outright pulled away from the pack in the early going, although the squad strength could still be the most important factor, and Graziani believes that this is an indication with Inter.

“Inter for me remain the strongest team in Serie A if they keep the squad as it is,” he said, “with the five substitutions they can change half the team and make a difference. Lukaku he has physical strength, he’s much more powerful.”

He went on that “Lukaku makes the difference, and Lautaro plays better with him in the team.

Graziani also spoke about the heavy challenge by Lecce defender Baschirotto on Martinez, which Inter players had been strongly appealing to have the defender sent off for.

“It was a very dangerous challenge, if had been punished with a red card it wouldn’t have been wrong,” Graziani said. “Baschirotto was lucky in one way: that he didn’t injure the opponent, it could have shortened his career.”