Inter, Juventus and Roma are among the top European clubs to face sanctions from UEFA over violations to Financial Fair Play.

This according to UK news outlet The Times, who report that the Nerazzurri are one of a trio of Serie A clubs who face sanctions for violating FFP in the 2021-22 accounts along with the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille, Barcelona, and Arsenal.

UEFA have been looking into the 2021-22 accounts of European club’s and has flagged up some spending issues which would be in violation of FFP regulations, although they have not formally sanctioned any clubs yet.

Inter are one of three Italian clubs alongside the Bianconeri and the Giallorossi likely to face sanctions, whilst Arsenal are the lone Premier League team, with several other big European sides potentially facing sanctions.

The likes of PSG and Marseille are reportedly ready to discuss an agreement on fines with UEFA, whilst Inter and Roma could agree fines as well as restrictions on spending with European football’s top governing body.

Meanwhile, as Barcelona and Juventus are still in conflict with UEFA over their continued commitment to the Super League project, they are unlikely to agree terms on the sanctions as some of the other clubs affected will.