Former Juventus and Roma forward Mirko Vucinic feels that it will be difficult to identify a favourite for the Serie A title this season.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview published in yesterday’s print edition, the Montengrin gave the view that all of Inter, AC Milan, Juventus, Roma, and Napoli have a very serious chance of winning it.

The early stages of this Serie A season have suggested that any of the big teams towards the top end of the table should be more than capable of going all the way, although none are without their flaws.

To this end, most preseason predictions already look a little off, and it has become clear that things that will be a marathon and not a sprint that will test the team’s consistency and depth as well as how long they can sustain their best form over a gruelling campaign, rather than one team clearly rising above the rest.

Vucinic stated that “It’s hard to identify a favourite. Inter and Milan are strong. Juve are Juve. And Roma and Napoli can pull a shock on anyone.”