The signing of Lazio defender Francesco Acerbi on loan will cost Inter a total of €2.78 million in terms of the 34-year-old’s gross wages.

This according to Italian football finance news outlet Calcio e Finanza, who report that the entire cost of Acerbi’s signing this campaign will be accounted for by his wages for the season as there is no loan fee on the deal.

Acerbi is set to arrive at Inter very soon, with total agreement between both the Nerazzurri and the Biancocelesti as well as the player and his representatives on the terms of the deal.

The Nerazzurri will not pay a loan fee to Lazio, but will pay Acerbi his full wages from now until the end of June, which will be around €1.5 million net.

This will work out to €2.78 million gross for the season in terms of an expenditure, and this will make up the entire cost of signing Acerbi on loan this season.