Italian journalist Mario Sconcerti has said that it is time for Inter president Steven Zhang to talk about what sort of a life Inter should expect to have under his guidance, according to a report in the Italian media. 

As was written by the journalist in his column for, it could be time for Steven Zhang to publicly discuss what kind of sporting future Inter has under the ownership of the Suning family.

He explained that every club has the right to sell its expensive players if it chooses to, but that means the owners must then ask themselves if they can afford to own the club anymore.

“If a club needs to sell its players, it has the right to do so. If the Zhang family can no longer afford Inter, they must ask themselves whether it is not time to give up.

“It’s a constant stampede, a frantic rush to find money. If it is only a matter of time, a company may as well live by the day. If there is no limit to inappetence, then the cure must be drastic.”

He went on to say it is something for Steven Zhang to talk about because there seems to be a limit to what Inter can achieve under the current owners. That limit is almost certainly domestic success.

“It is time for Zhang to talk about it, to explain what his project is. Will the next few years be similar to the last two? No one thinks we have to go back to the €600 million we used to get to the Scudetto, but this way it is suffocating, whether Skriniar stays or not.

“Zhang has a duty to explain what kind of life Inter should have. Football is often taken too seriously, but it is not a supermarket where you enter, leave and change tomorrow if you are not happy.

“Football is a church, clubs represent people, cities, life, memories, feelings.”