Inter coach Simone Inzaghi has said that he is sorry for the way that Inter conceded three goals against AC Milan on Saturday evening, according to a report in the Italian media.

Speaking during his press conference after the match at San Siro, via FCInter1908, Simone Inzaghi showed clear anger and dismay about how his team is conceding goals so far this season.

The Nerazzurri have now conceded eight times in their first five Serie A games which is a much worse record than they had in the previous season where there defence was clearly the best in the division.

On how the game panned out, Simone Inzaghi discussed each phase and where Inter played well and went missing.

“We scored a beautiful goal, after the 1-1 where we were in control of the ball we had a black-out that is not allowed in matches of this importance and value. After 3-1 we had a good half-hour where we deserved the draw. We found a goalkeeper on the other side who made some great saves.”

He then stressed that as the coach it is his job to analyse and try to see what went wrong and why the game got so badly away from Inter in the second half thanks to goals from Olivier Giroud and Rafael Leao.

“I am the coach and I will have to try to understand the reason for these moments. Serious mistakes, late changes? What I wouldn’t do again… the choices, the changes, afterwards it’s always easy to say I would have done or I wouldn’t have done.

“I’m consistent with my choices. I’m sorry we gave away three goals, we conceded three goals that were too easy. The first with our own ball, the second and the third with wrong readings of the play. We struggled too much to score goals.”

Simone Inzaghi then talked about how there is disappointment in both the locker room and in the stands.

“There is disappointment in the locker room as there should be. There is disappointment among the fans. In two and a half days there’s another game.

“So many goals taken already in the summer? Both in terms of spirit and motivation we had glimpsed something even in those games, some players had arrived later.

“After five league games and almost two months of training I expect more. We are the same as last year also at the defensive level, where we did not concede a goal for eight consecutive games.”

He then admitted that he will be talking with the players about what went on and how they can fix it: “It will be a cause for discussion, there must be anger. Playing in three days I’ll do something.

“What’s most important for me now is to talk to the team. Those 25 minutes cost us a derby. For what we did in the last half-hour we deserved more.”