Italian journalist Marco Bellinazzo believes that Inter and AC Milan could be at risk of a transfer ban in the future based on the new UEFA regulations replacing the existing Financial Fair Play rules.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, the journalist for Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore gave his thoughts on how the new FFP rules could impact Serie A clubs, warning that both Inter and Milan could be prevented from signing players.

Inter and Milan have been among the big European clubs who have been hit with sanctions for violating FFP in recent days, along with fellow Serie A teams Roma and Juventus.

So far, the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri have both agreed to pay fines to European football’s top governing bodies, but this may not be the full extent of the sanctions that they could face, with other possible punishments for the future having been reported.

Bellinazzo analyzed the possible impact of the new FFP rules, stating that “UEFA have changed the accounting control rules, the old Financial Fair Play rules are no longer in effect.”

“For the clubs in the most difficulty who haven’t complied with the old rules, UEFA have introduced sanctions which have an expiry date,” he continued.

“Other sanctions could be triggered in the next few years if the deadlines set for coming back into compliance with the UEFA regulations aren’t met.”

“Milan and Inter are both at risk of being prevented from bringing in players on the transfer market, with only outgoing sales allowed,” he watned.

“Napoli have moved forward by cutting significant costs,” Bellinazzo continued. “In the next few years there will be restrictions for clubs who continue to spend more than they should.”