Former Inter and AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli would have a preference to return to the Rossoneri but would like to return to either of his former sides one day.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster DAZN, Balotelli gave his thoughts on which team he would prefer to once again play for, admitting that it is Milan who he feels a little more attached to.

Balotelli has had a career full of ups and downs, having played for the likes of Liverpool, Nice, Marseille, Brescia, and Monza over the last decades, with the 32-year-old currently at Sion in the Swiss Super League.

The Italian striker is best associated with his time at Inter in his youth and then his exploits for Manchester City and Milan, winning league titles with all three of the trio, and among Italian teams, it would still be the Rossoneri he would most like to return to.

Asked where he’d most like to return, he responded “Milan, I’d like to go back to Milan. But it’s hard for me to say that, because I’d hardly turn my nose up at Inter either. They’re the two greatest teams in Italy, no offense to Juve or Roma.”