Inter striker Edin Dzeko feels that the three losses suffered by the team in the last couple of weeks are not a major cause for alarm.

Speaking to, via FCInterNews, the 36-year-old emphasized that while the defeats at the hands of Lazio, AC Milan, and Bayern Munich are setbacks, they can be recovered from, and that the team still continue to believe that they have what it takes to get back on their feet.

Inter’s loss to Bayern yesterday evening was a damaging enough result on its own given that it leaves the Nerazzurri chasing in their Champions league group, but it was particularly painful given that the Nerazzurri have already lost twice in the league.

The sense that there is a crisis starting to come into view has been brought up by some fans and pundits, and the team will have to start getting better results in order to get past this ominous feeling.

However, for Dzeko’s part, the best thing is to continue to work and be confident, and he does not feel anxious about the situation in the team.

Of the three recent defeats, the Bosnian said that “I’m not worried. I know we’re strong and definitely still not showing 100% of what we can do. The three losses just mean that we have to work more.”

“I think Bayern are stronger than us right now. That’s the truth, even if we also had some opportunities,” he said of yesterday’s match. “Teams like that can punish you for every mistake.”