Inter wingback Matteo Darmian expects that this season will be a balanced title race at the top end of Serie A.

Speaking to DAZN in their 1-v-1 program alongside Torino midfielder Samuele Ricci, the 32-year-old gave his thoughts on the unfolding season and also gave the view that the criticism that the team have gotten amid their bad run of form is just an inevitable part of playing for one of Italy’s top clubs.

Inter have hardly had the best of starts to the season, and this has led to plenty of doubts and criticisms of the players, the coach, and the team as a whole.

Darmian does not feel that this is unwarranted and rather sees it as something that will always be the case playing for a team like Inter, whilst he hopes that it can spur them to success in a competitive title race.

“It will be a very balanced title race,” the wingback predicted. “We’re convinced of our qualities, we want to have a good season – that’s why we work hard.”

Of criticism that has arrived from fans amid a rough start to the season, Darmian said that “When you play for a big team like Inter, there are criticisms, they’re part of being in this world, especially when the results don’t arrive or you don’t play well.”

“I believe that criticism on the one hand can serve as an impetus to improve,” he continued, “but on the other hand that we ultimately have to ‘plug our ears’ and just keep on working on the path we’re on.”

Looking back to some important goals that he scored to win the Serie A title in the 2020-21 campaign, Darmian reflected that “Surely scoring a lot of goals isn’t one of my main qualities, but in the 2020-21 season a couple of goals I scored were decisive for winning the Scudetto, and of course it felt very good for me.”

Regarding his nearing 400 appearances in Serie A across several clubs, the 32-year-old said that “It’s been a good journey, I managed to earn all of this because I really wanted it and put all my passion, desire, and determination into the sport. I’m proud.”

And when asked who his footballing idol from childhood is, Darmian named “Maicon, I think he’s a legend at this club, for all that he won here, he’s a real source of inspiration.”