Italian journalist Marco Bellinazzo believes that sooner or later Inter owners Suning will sell the club due to the changing situation in China regarding investment in football.

Speaking to the Twitch stream of Italian news outlet, as reported by FCInter1908, Bellinazzo also predicted that Saudi sovereign wealth fund the PIF would be unlikely to purchase Inter due to the conflict of owning two clubs in the Champions League, considering their ambitions for Newcastle United.

Suning could very well sell Inter at some point in the relatively near future, with the mounting financial pressure faced by their ownership widely known and reports continuing to emerge that they are looking for buyers for the right price.

There is still a lot of uncertainty around when and how a sale would take place, as well as the identity of any potential buyer for the club, but Bellinazzo believes that it will happen sooner or later and provided some analysis on the matter.

He explained, “There’s a situation that’s ongoing, that of Chinese investments in European football, and it’s come to an end. Inter are relying on self-financing, but that’s not a viable path for the long term, the idea of a sale has been on the table for a long time.”

“There is still a very high valuation,” he noted, “with the sale of Milan acting as a benchmark.”

And regarding the possibility of the PIF purchasing Inter, he said that “I’ve always been skeptical about a legal question, considering that this is the same party that already bought Newcastle United. They would have two clubs and could not have both in the Champions League.”