Suning have asked US investment bank Goldman Sachs to search for partners to invest in Inter, but have not asked to find a buyer to purchase the club outright.

This according to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, who report that the Nerazzurri owners are looking for investors in the club but have not put it up for sale, despite reports that they have renewed the mandate for Goldman Sachs to find a buyer.

Reports have circulated in the past couple of days about Suning potentially looking to sell Inter, including rumours of a €1.2 billion offer ffrom Saudi sovereign investment fund the PIF which had led to a round of negotiations.

According to reports that emerged today, Suning have merely renewed the mandate for Goldman Sachs to look for a buyer and value the Nerazzurri at €1.2 billion if they are to sell.

However, SportMediaset report that sources within the club do not confirm this, and rather the owners are merely looking for partners to invest in the club, but have not asked Goldman Sachs to try and facilitate an outright sale of the Nerazzurri.

The broadcaster note that the €400 million debt would be part of the valuation of Inter that Suning have given, whilst the company have already pumped more than €600 million over the course of their ownership, and so they could risk selling the club at a loss if a sale were to happen below their valuation.