Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin believes that Suning have a genuine desire to sell Inter and that they have asked Goldman Sachs to look for a buyer.

Speaking to the Twitch channel of Italian news outlet, via FCInter1908, Biasin reported that he has verified that the Nerazzurri’s current owners are serious about a sale and is not just throwing speculation around.

Suning have been linked with a possible sale of Inter for some time now, with reports emerging intermittently throughout the past couple of years of a possible sale, although these have never come to anything so far.

However, with the latest round of news about Suning, Biasin feels that the owners are very serious about trying to sell the Nerazzurri, and that the reports that they have asked US investment bank Goldman Sachs to locate a buyer are legitimate and can be verified.

“Some will try to deny or minimize it,” Biasin said. “I don’t tend to try and raise alarm at random, if I say this it’s because I have verified it from all sides.”

“From what I’ve managed to gather, the Zhang family has decided to try and sell Inter and are currently looking for buyers through Goldman Sachs,” he continued.

“This does not mean that Inter will be sold tomorrow,” Biasin noted, “but that the owners are looking for a buyer. I don’t know how long this will take, but I know that the Zhang family is looking for buyers.”

“I can give this news that I’ve checked and double-checked that the Zhang family, after months of consideration, are no longer looking for a partner to continue on with, but that they will sell the club for a significant offer,” he added.

“The desire of the owners is for an offer of €1.2 billion,” he explained.