Italian journalist Mario Sconcerti feels that Inter found the extra gear to get the result they needed from a match against Torino in which they had struggled and not played anywhere close to their best.

Writing in his column in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera, Sconcerti gave his analysis of a match which saw the Nerazzurri get back to winning ways whilst struggling against a disciplined and organized Torino team.

Inter might have felt like they were falling deeper into a hole of bad form as the match against Torino wore on, with the Granata doing well to stifle them and also threatening their goal on a number of occasions.

However, Inter held out through the long periods in which the match was scrappy and physical, and in the closing stages their quality started to emerge as they sensed that something was there for them against a Torino team who were finally starting to tire and allow them spaces.

“It’s no coincidence that Handanovic was the best player on the pitch,” Sconcerti writes. “Torino are aggressive and controlled the pitch well.”

“But Inter have great individual players,” he continues. “They were quick to finally see the goal.”

“But they sensed that something was there for them, tried to raise the tempo, with an exceptional Lautaro and a Brozovic who’s added something new to his game,” Sconcerti concludes. “Above all they’ve regained three points.”