Inter striker Lautaro Martinez has responded in no uncertain terms to the tabloid rumours that have circulated about a possible separation between he and his wife Augustina Gandolfo.

Posting on his Instagram story, via FCInter1908, the 25-year-old completely denied a rumour that has been circulating within Argentine media that he and Gandolfo have split up.

Martinez’s Instagram account was recently down, and some speculation emerged within Argentine tabloids that this was due to marital problems between he and Gandolfo.

However, the Argentine spoke out directly on his Instagram account which is now back up after having been briefly down, claiming that the issue was that the account was hacked, and that there is absolutely no truth to the rumours.

Martinez asks fans to ignore the rumours that have been circulating, and emphasizes in no uncertain terms that he and Gandolfo remain happily married and that there are no issues.

“Why do you invent stories about our supposed separation?” he writes. “My wife and I are still together and very happy, there’s nothing to explain or clarify.”

He continues that “We’re happy, we want to enjoy our time together. Don’t listen to the absurd rumours and fake news. Last night someone hacked my Instagram account and took it down, but fortunately this morning I was able to get it back!”