Legendary former Inter striker Roberto Boninsegna feels that the possibility of the San Siro being demolished to make way for a new stadium to be built in Milan would represent a big loss of football history in the city.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Il Giorno in an interview published in today’s print edition, the former striker lamented the possibility of such an iconic stadium in world football being torn down even if it is something necessary within the modern game.

Inter and AC Milan are firmly pressing forward with their plans to construct a new stadium, and part of this is tearing down the San Siro to make way, as there does not appear to be any feasible way for a new stadium to coexist with the existing one based on the analyses of the clubs.

Clearly, whether or not this occurs and whether it is necessary or not, it would represent the loss of one of Europe’s most recognizable football grounds.

“I honestly thought that the Meazza would remain standing,” Boninsegna said. “I guess that there are problems that are more important even than the wonderful memories we experienced in that stadium. I guess, and I hope, that there are valid reasons.”

“I’m sorry to see it because San Siro reminds me of many good memories I experienced in the past,” he added. “Many goals, many matches.”

He continued that “If they decide to do this, a big part of world football history will disappear. A ground where the best in the world have played.”

On whether or not he’d keep the San Siro standing, Boninsegna said that “I’m not an engineer, certain problems are better understood by the people concerned. So I don’t feel that I can give an opinion technically. But sentimentally, I would say yes.”