Inter and AC Milan have submitted detailed plans for how the San Siro will be dismantled to make way for a new stadium us part of their updated dossier to the city council of Milan.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper La Repubblica, who report that the club have provided a very detailed account of how the demolition of the structure will be carried out to satisfy the city council.

Tearing down the San Siro would be no small undertaking, not just in terms of the actual dismantling of the structure, but also the transportation of rubble away from the site as part of the process of making the area ready for a new stadium to be built.

There are environmental concerns as well as practical matters, all of which have been analyzed in the clubs’ updated dossier.

Initially, accessories to the structure such as doors, false ceilings, floating floors, and partitions will be disassembled so as to leave only building material.

Then the real work will begin, as over 125,000 cubic metres of concrete are removed, whilst over 8,800 tons of iron from the reinforcement and 20,000 tons of metal from the roof will also have to be taken down and transported away from the site.