Former Sampdoria, Salernitana, and Empoli coach Gigi Cagni believes that Inter coach Simone Inzaghi is starting to show that he can get the team back into form.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster TMW Radio, Cagni gave his assessment of the Nerazzurri coach’s job so far and suggested that even though the start has not been ideal, there is plenty of time for him to get the team into form and that signs are that things will improve.

Losses to the likes of Lazio and AC Milan in Serie A as well as Bayern Munich in the Champions League were enough to raise serious doubts about the start to Inter’s season, whilst even in matches that they won the performances have not been fully convincing.

However, as Cagni points out, it is still only September, and the feeling from the past couple of performances is that the team is starting to link up better and look more and more coherent on the pitch.

“We have to see what happens in league,” he said. “The coaches must be judged based on 7-8 games, not just one. It seems to me that they’re on the right track, playing with more rhythm and more verticaly.”

“Playing like this is how to win,” he added. “Even in Serie A you can’t get away with playing without rhythm, and this goes even more so in Europe, it is Italian football that must change.”