Inter captain Samir Handanovic sent some mixed messages with his statements about the rotation with fellow goalkeeper Andre Onana to the media yesterday.

This is the view in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, who suggest that the 37-year-old showed a real willingness to put the team before himself above all else, but with a prickly edge of defiance.

As he often has been since becoming the captain of Inter, Handanovic was the man who stepped up to address the media after yesterday’s difficult loss to Udinese, and the captain made no excuses and emphasized the need to simply get back to work.

However, the Slovenian was also naturally questioned about his thoughts regarding the new competition that he has for his starting spot from Onana, and in this regard his words were not exactly easy to interpret.

Handanovic said that he “Wouldn’t be Inter’s problem, but can be a solution,” affirming that he will do whatever he needs to to support the team whether or not he is selected ahead of Onana.

However, the sense was also that the captain felt annoyed at the very suggestion that he would take being dropped for the Cameroonian badly, and felt the need to stress that no matter what he will not be a liability to Inter.