Inter ultras group the Curva Nord have spoken out on the team’s bad start to the season heading into the first international break, making clear that they do not think that simply sacking coach Simone Inzaghi is a real solution.

Giving their view via a press release on their official Facebook page, via FCInterNews, the Nord argue that while the coach deserves his share of the blame for the situation, the players must also be held accountable, in scathing terms.

Inzaghi’s future at Inter has never been in as much question as it has been in the past few weeks, with three defeats in the Nerazzurri’s first seven league fixtures as well as a meek loss to Bayern Munich in their Champions League opener raising doubts about his suitability for many.

The Nord give an emphatic response to the hasty sentiment against the coach, however, and argue that the problems are much deeper and must be addressed by the entire team rather than scapegoating the coach.

“Because we’re always being pestered for a response from ‘social media fans’ who want some kind of revolution and to be backed up by someone else, presumably us, we speak up,” they write.

“When we take an overall view of the reality, the situation is much too complex for a simple and hasty ‘Inzaghi Out,'” they make their view clear.

“THE TIME FOR TOLERANCE IS OVER!” they continue. “The coach has certainly made mistakes, BUT there are NO EXCUSES for the players, who since time immemorial have always wallowed in these situations and put their egos before the group.”

“This is UNACCEPTABLE to us,” the Nord state. “And upon the return from the international break, there have to be changes.”

“Everyone must be confronted with their own responsibilities,” they add. “We all fight together, and we have to come out of this TOGETHER. Now we’re waiting.”