The public debate regarding Inter and AC Milan’s plans to build a new stadium in Milan is kicking off, with the question of what to do with the San Siro set to be the biggest matter in contention.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, who report that the debate should be concluded by the end of November as the fate of the San Siro is a key theme, and the question of whether to demolish or refurbish the existing structure a major battleground.

Inter and Milan look to be insistent on demolishing the San Siro completely as they feel that doing so would be the only feasible way to get the new stadium constructed, but there is no shortage of opposition to their plan from those who feel that the stadium can be kept up and improved.

Mediator Andrea Pillon will decide when the 10-12 public meetings to debate the matter will be held based on his interpretation of the debate, and then the clubs will see what the outcome is.