Former Inter defender Daniele Adani believes that at the moment, Inter are not getting what they had hoped for when they decided to keep defender Milan Skriniar at all costs during the summer transfer window.

Speaking to Christian Vieri’s Twitch channel, as reported by FCInterNews, Adani suggested that at the moment, deciding not to cash in on the Slovakian does not look to have been the right move considering his performances so far this season have hardly justified his reputation.

Skriniar had been the subject of a “will he or won’t he?” transfer saga all summer, with Paris Saint-Germain making no secret of the fact that he was a priority target but never quite convincing the Nerazzurri with an offer.

Then, in the aftermath of missing out on the signing of Bremer, Inter decided to effectively take Skriniar off the market, as the feeling within the club was that there was no adequate replacement, and that if the 27-year-old were to leave the defense would decline.

However, Skriniar stayed, having been ever-present in the backline this season, and the defense appears to have dropped off anyway.

“Where is the benefit of having kept Skriniar?” Adani posted. “They didn’t take the money, he stayed but they’re still conceding a lot of goals. If you have no money, you have to make sacrifices.”

“The difficulties on the pitch depend on what happens within the club,” he continued. “Speaking of strategy, let’s say one thing: they hired Lukaku to be the saviour, to lead the team because thery’re in need of renewal.”

Adani also noted that “They’ve failed to sign replacements for Sanchez and Perisic.”