Former Inter, AC Milan, and Juventus striker Aldo Serena believes that the talk of Simone Inzaghi potentially being sacked by Inter doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

Speaking to Rome-based newspaper La Repubblica in an interview published in today’s print edition, the former striker also suggested that the rumours that there could be serious discord within the locker room and players going against the coach have no basis in reality.

Inzaghi will not have expected that his future would be in question at the end of September when the season began, but the start that the team has had to the campaign has meant that anything seems possible at the moment.

There are, however, numerous practical considerations that would seem to go against this possibility, and Serena expects that it would be nothing more than an overly hasty action where the cons would almost certainly outweigh the pros.

“The idea of sacking them doesn’t make sense,” he said, regarding Inzaghi as well as his Juventus counterpart Max Allegru. “Both coaches have long and expensive contracts.”

“Then, who do you bring in in September?” he posed. “Tuchel is now free, sure, but he seems unattainable. Let’s say that Inzaghi and Allegri have to change things up a bit.”

“The Nerazzurri coach, first of all, has to be more careful with his substitutions,” he argued. “The two changes in the first half in Udine were disastrous.”

Serena noted that “He disavowed his own starting lineup and put his players in a difficult position psychologically. If you embarrass them like that, you risk losing them.”

And regarding the idea of the players not having their hearts in it or going against the team, Serena said “It’s an old bit of nonsense, a conspiracy fantasy from the fans. It would be their own careers they’re risking.”