Former Inter defender Marco Andreolli believes that the bad form that has characterized the start of the Nerazzurri’s season is down to problems with their mentality and composure rather than physical fitness.

Speaking to InterTV, Andreolli gave his assessment of what appears to him to be wrong with the team, identifying a lack of calmness in different situation and suggesting that this has had a more negative affect on their performances than any physical issues.

Inter have been overrun in midfield and lacked compactness across the pitch in several of their matches, whilst lapses in concentration and switch-offs both defensively and in possession have cost them results on a few occasions.

Physical conditioning has been blamed at least partly for this by many, and has been brought up as an issue by coach Simone Inzaghi on a few occasions, but Andreolli isn’t so sure that this is really what’s at the root of the team’s problems.

“What worries me is a bit of mental fragility,” he said, “it seemed to rear its head during the final minutes of their away match in Rome,” referring to the 3-1 loss to Lazio last month.”

“Then the team lost their shape and allowed Udinese to find a lot of space,” he continued. “I don’t think it’s a physical problem, in the second half Inter came on to the pitch and did better. I think it’s a mental issue, I think there’s a bit of calmness they’re lacking.”