Inter legend Beppe Bergomi has said that Inter need to find more enthusiasm and admitted that the team is struggling right now, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Nerazzurra, via FCInter1908, Beppe Bergomi tried to assess the current situation that Inter are in where form has dropped and there are rumblings of discontentment.

There are certainly no suggestions that Simone Inzaghi has lost the trust of the club or the players, but results certainly need to improve quickly.

Beppe Bergomi stressed that he thinks that Inter dressing room is healthy right now, saying: “Some choices like the changes in the 30th minute can make you angry, but a coach like Inzaghi is good, he goes on Tuesday and explains the choice to the players.

“There are ways to recover the relationship and start again: I was there too, maybe wait until the end of the first half. There are ways not to take the second yellow, but I believe that the dressing room is healthy.

“The only thing I see from the outside is that we need to rediscover the enthusiasm, the desire to defend and go an extra yard. After three years of doing very well, right now they are lacking: I’m talking about behaviour and enthusiasm, right now they seem to be lacking.”

When asked if there is a mentality issue in this current Inter squad, Beppe Bergomi found it hard to not criticise the teams for certain moments.

“In difficult moments we never reacted in the right way. Even in this year’s derby, the bad half-hour ruined the comeback: you need charismatic players there.

“From the outside it seems to me that something is missing from that point of view. You need nastiness, but we lack it: we’re always late, we’re easily jumped on. I don’t hold it against Barella, but when a man gets behind you, you see him and you stand still, it’s not a good sign: I focus on that attitude.

“Our defenders are very good but they must have little space behind them, they’re not sprinters: you have to have preventive cover and a desire to work back.”

Many are starting to wonder about the preparation that the team did before the season and Beppe Bergomi wondered if they are doing the extra work in the gym or not.

“I don’t know how they set it up, but what makes the difference is the desire at the end of training to go to the gym or stay on the pitch to improve, to do something more.

“And it has to go beyond preparation. The team struggles, the other teams start quicker: I don’t know what preparation they have done. Today you can’t miss preparation.”

There is still confusion around the ownership at Inter and Beppe Bergomi feels that it has affected the team.

“It has affected because the ownership is a point of reference: the boys are young. But they are guys who can recover: we have to regain enthusiasm, even the fans, there’s not the enthusiasm of before.

“If we have Gagliardini in our squad who is the only defensive midfielder and he can’t put him in because people don’t want him, it’s not right. We have to be united: I’ve been there myself with the booing, it’s difficult. We have to find enthusiasm again and all together we can come out to be protagonists.”